Snowmobile school

kinossafarisSnowmobile school is held at a snow cross training track. The track is located about 5 kilometres north from Levi centre. The track is approximately 800 meters long and is clearly marked. The track is suitable for snowmobile training both for beginners as well as for advanced drivers. At the beginning of each course we go through the snowmobile controls as well as the safety instructions and track rules. Every course start from Kinos Safaris office where we change into snowmobile driving gear and move to the track by car.

Driving licence is not needed when participating in snowmobile school!

Basic course

The course starts with the very basics of snowmobile driving. You will learn the right driving position and the basic mechanics of the snowmobile. Then just hop on to snowmobile and hit the track curves to train your driving. Guide will give both personal and general tips on the driving technique. Basic course is suitable for beginners and for drivers who already have a little experience.

Total duration
Approximately 2 hours (time varies according to group size)

Gasoline, driving gear, guide and VAT

125€ / person
85 €/ junior (4 – 9 years)
Minimum charge 360 €
Guidance Guided, finnish/english
Gear Snowmobile driving gear is included
Maximum 10 people

Snow cross course

Snow cross course takes us little further on the driving technique and we go through for example stand-off / jump / brake exercises. This course will get you into the real snowmobile driving, sweat flowing and the fun is guaranteed! Snow cross course is suitable for drivers who already know snowmobile driving and offers a challenge even for experienced riders.

Total duration:
Approximately 3 hours (time varies according to group size)

Includes: Gasoline, driving gear, guide and VAT
Price: 160 € / person
Minimum charge 480 €
Guidance: Guided, finnish/english
Gear: Snowmobile driving gear is included
Maximum 10 people
If you didn’t find a suitable course please contact us and we will plan a snowmobile school just for your group.

More information and reservations
+35850 403 2000

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