vetovarjoAdmire your toes at 75 meter altitude!

We arrange parasailing for groups all over Lapland. You can order just parasailing or it can be mixed with other programmes. Kinos Safaris has Canop 840 -type chute. The chute has been inspected and our guides have official parasailing licences. Parasailing is usually done on ice covered lake.

• Parasail is a round chute, which is towed by a snowmobile.
• Parasail is attached to the towing vehicle and never released during the flight.
• Event starts when the flyer is attached to a flying harness which will be attached to the chute.
• Towing line will be attached to the towing vehicle.
• The rope will be pulled straight.
• Towing vehicle starts moving slowly and the rope tightens. Flight assistants open the chute and it starts to support the flyer.
• The flyer takes a couple of steps and the chute rises.
• A 100 meter long rope will take the flyer to 75 meter altitude.
• When towing vehicle slows down, the chute starts to land smoothly.
• Down coming force is same as jumping down from a chair.
• Towing distance is approx. 500 – 1000 m.
Outdoor clothing
Price50 € / tow
Minimum charge 200 €

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