Ice Fishing


Ice fishing safari by snowmobiles to willderness lake Kivijärvi

We drive snowmobiles through the wilderness towards the Pallastunturi fell. After a good while of driving we arrive to our private wilderness lake Kivijärvi. Drill a hole in the ice, put warm in the hook and you are ready start the ice fishing. At Kivijärvi you can catch perch, whitefish and even trout. After ice fishing we grill sausages and enjoy a pot of coffee made on open fire inside a Lappish tent. Catch will be prepared to take home with you.

Driving distance    Approximately 100 km
Total duration      Approximately 6 hour
Price               250 € / person (1 person / snowmobile)
Includes            Gasoline, driving gear, fishing equipment and licence, sausages, coffee, guide and VAT
Guidance            Guided in English
Gear                Snowmobile driving gear is included
Minimum charge   4 people

Meals can be pre ordered for extra price.
This safari can also be integrated into a shorter safari.



Ice fishing trip by car

Car will take us to lake Sirkkajärvi approximately 3 km north from Levi. Guide will show you what ice fishing is about and the fishing can start. During a break you will enjoy a hot cup of coffee and sausages baked by an open fire. And if you brought something stronger – bottoms up!

Total duration            Approximately 3 hours
Price                     55 € / person
Includes                  Car transportation, fishing equipment and licence, guide, coffee, sausage and VAT
Guidance                  Guided in English
Gear                      ce fishing gear is included
Minimum charge            4 people



Ice fishing trip with snowmobile pulled sledge ride

At the beginning we give you warm overalls, boots and gloves to wear.  You will have sledge ride pulled by snowmobile to lake Sirkkajärvi. You can start this excursion directly from Levi Ice Gallery or Levi centre. On the ice of the lake our guide will advice you how to do ice fishing in the arctic. You can drill your own hole through the ice, prepare your line and hook and start to be a fisherman. During the fishing we bake sausages and enjoy cup of coffee or hot juice by the warming campfire.  If we catch fish we can bake it on the fire or help you to prepare it taken with you. From lake Sirkkajärvi you can admire the fells of Levi, Kätkä and Pyhä. After ice fishing and nice relaxing on the lake we will take you back to Ice Gallery or Levi.

Icluding sledge ride behind snowmobile, gears (boots, gloves, helmets, overalls), ice fishing eguipments and guidning, sausage, hot juice or coffee, VAT.

Driving distance    Approximately 10 km
Total duration      Approximately 3 hour
Price              170€ / person
Includes            Gasoline, driving gear, fishing equipment and licence, sausages, coffee, guide and VAT
Guidance           Guided in English
Gear                Snowmobile driving gear is included
Minimum charge     2 people