Explore the midnight sun in Levi Lapland!
During the safari you can see the magnificent midnight sun when sun does not set at all and enjoy the quietness and peacefulness of the night in Lapland. Safari starts at evening around 9 pm from Safarihouse and ends at midnight. Transportations included. In between the safari we will have a break and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and grill sausages by open fire.

Distance with ATV:s Approximately 5 km
Distance with waterjets Approximately 8km
Distance with SUP-boards Approximately 5km
Total duration Approximately 3 hours
Price ATV 145 € / person Waterjet 115e/person SUP 85e/person
Includes Transportation, eguipments, guide, coffee, sausage and VAT
Guidance Guided, Finnish/English
Gear Wind- and waterproof clothing
Minimum charge 2 persons

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