Luxury Northern lights cruise


Luxury Northern lights ferry cruise

The autumn cruise starts in the evening gloom. Approximately at 8pm. On the ferry there awaits welcome drinks and a shaman with his drum. He will tell you about the Magic of Lapland and the secrets of the Shaman. In the ferry there is comfortable soft couches where you can wrap around a blanked and lay in. Also there’s benches with reindeer hide to sit on. You may try the side terrace with your feet in the water. On the ferry there is a camp fire to give natural gentle light to the cruiser. Nearby the fire you can warm up and the chef will prepare a wonderful Lappish late night dinner for you. Menu from open fire is flamed salmon or sautéed reindeer. As a dessert flamed cinnamon crepes. After the dinner you have an opportunity experience a wonderful traditional Finnish wood heated sauna with hot and moist heat. After the sauna possibility to try how does it feel to swim in drinkable pure water in the nature and get refreshed. After purification of body and mind we admire the magical atmosphere of Lappish autumn night, hopefully under millions of stars and amazing northern lights in the sky.

Cruise duration: 3-4 hours
Includes: River cruise with dinner, sauna and VAT 10%
Price: 256€ / person/ 3-4 hours, minimum charge 2560e (10 persons) maximum 25 persons
Guidance: guided, Finnish/English