Ferry menu

lautta lettu

  • Crepes made on open fire 3 €  -These are always for sale in weekprogram cruises
  • Coffee 2 €
  • Sausage 2 €

By preorder:

1. Riverside snack
Rye bread filled with salted white fish, salmon or smoked reindeer and lettuce 14 €

2. Salmon soup
Clear or creamy salmon soup served with rye bread
drinks (milk, juice, water) 21 €

3. Grill menu
Flamed salmon served with sour cream-dill sauce, boiled potatoes, green salad, drinks (milk, juice, water) and coffee 30 €

4. Sautéed reindeer
Sautéed reindeer with mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam and pickle
drinks (milk, juice, water) and coffee 36 €

5. Filled crepes
Salty: fish or meat 9 €
Sweet: berry cream 7 €

Preorders for private occasions latest two days before.