Fishing equipment

SPINNING SET 15 € / day
FLY FISHING SET 20 € / day


•Rod, reel and line
•10 pieces of lures or flies by own choice in a case

1. The user agrees to comply with Finnish law and regulations and good manners.
2. Renter is responsible of all damage caused to equipments.
3. In case of accident or user error own liability is:
– Canoe, pontoon boat, river boat, engine 150 € / equipment
– Fishing set (rod and reel) 50 € / set
– Lure/fly 10 € / piece
Own liability must be paid to Oy Kinos Safaris Ltd immediately after rental time closes.
4. Renter is responsible of all damage caused to third party.
5. If the equipments occur problems or other failures during the rental time and Oy Kinos Safaris Ltd repairs or replaces the equipment in reasonable time there will be no refund given from the rental time or price.
6. Equipments must be returned, on the time and place agreed, on the same condition it was when rented. Breakdown must be informed to Oy Kinos Safaris Ltd immediately.
7. Giving the equipment to third party is not allowed without permission from Oy Kinos Safaris Ltd.
8. Renter is authorized to use the equipment mentioned in this agreement and show the copy of the agreement when needed.
9. Disputes will be settled priority through negotiation but if needed they are placed on the district court in home place of Oy Kinos Safaris Ltd.

We also sell fishing equipment!
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